Intellectual Property Law
For Dummies

There is a tremendous hunger for information about IP.
This little book is an excellent resource.


Very affordable and cost-effective.

Handy format. Accessible.

Great for education, outreach, marketing.
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Clear. Accessible. Informative.

A comprehensive introduction to the basics of IP law.

Suitable for anyone with an interest in IP: from students to CEOs.

In plain English. Short, simple, useful.

Not a DIY manual – an explanation of core principles.

Handy 8″ x 5″ format. 126 pages.

Chapters on:

  • Patents and trade secrets
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Design Rights

  • Enforcement
  • Licensing in
  • Licensing out
  • Hiring a professional

Produced in collaboration with the IPO Education Foundation.

Proceeds (as books for distribution) to the Foundation.

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A Great Tool For:

Marketing IP Services

Great content creates great connections

There is an enormous hunger for information about IP.

Your students, clients and prospects have questions. This book provides answers.

For economic development, tech transfer, and educators.
Expand your audience. Connect with them.

Effective and efficient for marketing and referrals.
Great for IP attorneys and service providers.

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